Absence and Punctuality - Please aim to attend nursery and be on time every day unless your child is ill.

School Development Plan

Our Targets 2019/2020 

  • Children will be at the centre of all we do - teaching and learning will begin with the child and promote the development of all learners.
  • RESPECT ethos will be promoted at all levels and with all governors, parents, staff and children throughout the nursery.
  • Our curriculum focus is to enhance and develop strategies for promoting Numeracy outdoors.
  • Staff will attend CPD and participate in half termly one to one discussion with the Principal to review how personal learning is influencing practice with the nursery. 
  • Parents will continue to be involved in all aspects of school life and learning which will be evaluated each term.
  • Children with Special educational needs will be identified and an IEP established, shared with staff and parents and regularly reviewed.