Absence and Punctuality - Please aim to attend nursery and be on time every day unless your child is ill.

Partnership with Parents

As a parent you are the first educator of your child and therefore we welcome partnership with all parents.  We particularly value the beginning and end of sessions when an informal word can be shared about the nursery day or things happening at home. 

We will be inviting you to take part in Family Friday events where small groups of parents work alongside their child to find out how children learn and develop.  Agnes leads the sessions which will start this year in October - further details later.

Your help in school is always welcomed - Maybe you have a specific talent or interest that you would like to share with the children - for example: playing a musical instrument, reading a story, gardening, woodwork, toy repairs, sewing etc. 

We are always grateful for volunteers. There are many opportunities for parents to become involved - you are welcome come with us on educational visits, or to arrange to help in the nursery during the session. Whatever you have to offer we will appreciate it! 

Now that your child is at nursery school you are automatically a member of our Parents' Group. The meetings will be held at a time that suits most parents. We will plan a programme of events and speakers on topics that are of interest to you. The Parent's Group also supports the school by fund-raising. We welcome mums and dads and hope that as many people as possible will come along and become involved. It's very worthwhile and good fun!! 

When you come to the Parents' Group, Stay and Play days or Family Friday events you will be able to talk positively to your child about what you have seen at school. Newsletters will be posted shared regularly to keep you informed about the themes, interests and events that are part of our planned programme for the children.  

As partners let us encourage: 

Creative thinking 
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