Absence and Punctuality - Please aim to attend nursery and be on time every day unless your child is ill.

Observation, Learning and Progression

Each child has a different learning style and pace so our curriculum must be broad and challenging to meet a wide range of needs, interests and learning styles.

All staff regularly observe and assess children’s learning which enables us to plan appropriate learning activities that stretch children's learning and ensure progress. Each child has an on-line 2BuildaProfile Learning Journey which is a record of their progress and includes observations and photographs of the child playing and learning. Parents and carers are are invited to contribute with learning  they have observed at home. This helps us to get a better understanding of the child’s learning and development and to plan activities to support and extend it.

Parents and carers are invited to term 1 Parents’ Meetings to talk about their child’s progress with their teacher and also have opportunities to talk to their child's small group person each day.  In term 2 we offer Stay and Play days where a parent/carer may stay for a day and see how their child spends their time.  A report is created for each child in term 3 outlining progress in each area of learning. Parents and carers receive a copy of this report, and another copy is sent to the child’s primary school.